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Although wood borers are not as widespread as termites, they may be just as damaging when destroying wooden structures. Wood borers, which resemble little roaches, are truly a kind of beetle. It is the larval stage of the beetles that causes the wood damage, not the adult insects. The eggs of these insects are laid in trees and freshly cut wood. The larvae linger and eat on the wood until they are mature enough to rise as adults. After this, the eggs hatch inside the wood. Because many of these larvae can linger within the wood for years. The wood often has already been used in building a house when they eventually decide to exit.

Getting rid of these insects is highly recommended and important. Hire the best borer exterminators from Pest Control Toowong to eliminate them from your property. So, get in touch with us today to schedule a borer inspection with borer control Toowong team

How To Tell If You Have A Borer Infestation?

Borer beetles, as their name implies, ‘bore’ pores in timber. Also, they take advantage of its porous nature. You may not even realize you’re dealing with an infestation till it’s too late. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

  • In the wood, there are round or oval holes with sharp edges. There might be a borer infestation in your house. 
  • Are you finding adult beetles emerging out the holes? causing fine dust? This also is a big sign of a borer problem. 
  • The quick deterioration of the wood means you need a borer treatment. 
  • Moreover, spotting tunnels in the wood. 
  • Floorboards, roofing, and other timber are getting flimsy.
  • Also, finding dead beetles in or near wooded areas.
  • Identifying eggs, larvae, and adults of borer beetles.

Borer beetles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, you must be able to recognize them throughout every step. So that you can intervene before it becomes too late.

Different Borer Treatments We Offer

✔ Borer Inspection And Removal

We are your way out of all the borer problems. Our borer control Toowong experts are always ready for a thorough borer inspection. So, if there is any sign of a borer infestation in your property. So, contact us right away for wood borer control. Moreover, we are the most affordable wood borer pest control option for you in Toowong. 

✔ Restaurant Borer Control

The borer insecticides we use are safe for you. This is because insecticides are made of eco-friendly chemicals. So, if your restaurant is full of wood borers then get in touch with us. We will make sure that you are serving delicious food to your customers in a hygienic restaurant.

✔ Pre-purchase Borer Inspection

Our locust borer treatment is open for pre-purchase properties as well. We know that nobody is looking forward to having a borer problem. Therefore, people nowadays get a pre-purchase borer inspection. To fill that void in Toowong, we offer top-quality pre-purchase borer inspection services as well. You can also contact us for stem borer treatment. 

✔ Domestic Borer Control

The wood borers are attacking your private property? Nobody wants borer in their houses. Let’s get them out of your safe place at a low price. Reach out to us for affordable home borer control services. In order to get in touch with us, search for borer control near me to find us online. So, stop waiting for the borers to eat up your wood. Book an appointment with our borer control Toowong professionals now. 

✔ Emergency Borer Control Service

The insecticides for wood boring beetles that we use are non-toxic. So, stop worrying about all those harsh chemicals. If you want to remove borers from your premises ASAP. Then you can contact us for emergency borer control services again. We are always ready with the best equipment to deliver the best services. So, ping us now.

✔ Same Day Borer Control

Looking for borer insect control services on the same day? You are just at the right landing page. We are the top same-day corn borer treatment service providers because of our expert’s extensive knowledge. With our borer control Toowong team’s years of training, they can easily provide same-day booking privileges. So, ring our experts up now. 

How Many Different Wood Borers Are There? 

Borer beetles are known to damage and attack wood. Although they favor various types of wood and devour it in diverse ways. Borer beetles are divided into three categories that inflict harm.

  • Powder Post Beetle

This beetle, sometimes named the Lyctid borer, eats on the sapwood of many hardwood trees. Moreover, this type of borer can degrade the strength of the timber they attack. Furthermore, they leave wood dust that looks like talcum powder. 

  • Common Furniture Beetles

It favors lumber and softwood, which is widely used to produce furniture and other wood-based things. This borer beetle enjoys chilly and moist environments. Also, Anobium Punctatum is one of their names. 

  • House Longhorn Beetles

Hylotrupes Bajulus is its scientific name. This species can live at any place from around 3 to 11 years before becoming an adult. It prefers to attack timer, wood, and the region around the chimney, producing a blistered look. In bright settings. It roams about easily, allowing it to swiftly spread infestations.

Why Choose Us For Borer Treatment?

  • Affordable borer treatment.
  • On-time and punctual borer control services. 
  • Variety of borer pest control services. 
  • 24*7 availability of borer specialists. 
  • Commercial and residential service availability. 
  • Top-notch borer extermination equipment.
  • Follow-up and free consultation. 


  1. Are Wood Borers As Dangerous As Termites?

Yes, termites and wood borers both attack wood silently and promptly. 

  1. Can I Appoint Your Experts On Sunday For An Inspection?

Yes, you can appoint us any day of the week for any borer-related help. 

  1. I Need Borer Experts In Mount Coot-Tha Are You Available?

Yes, we are available in all the towns and suburbs that are near Toowong.